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Chocolate Supplements - A Real Food Vitamin

Eat your supplement like a food & Absorb it like a food

A Better Delivery of Nutrients

Food is the best way to get your nutrients but when you need more, shouldn’t it be delivered in the same way? DECOTM delivers your nutrients in a Real Food based way. And imagine if that food was chocolate!

Sight, smell, taste and chewing are all important elements of digestion. When you Eat DECOTM Vitamins, you are Eating a Real Food and experiencing all these elements. You kick-start your body’s natural digestive process to ensure you absorb as much of the nutrients as possible.

At Platinum Naturals, we understand absorption. Our award wining multi-supplements use omega oils to ensure you body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients. Studies on nutrient absorption demonstrated that healthy fats and oils added to salads, increased nutrient absorption over salads lacking the healthy fats. Furthermore, clinical trials show that delivery of some active nutrients in healthy oils provides a better, sustained release effect in the body.

An Evolution

DECOTM takes the concept of absorption to the next level. By placing the active nutrients in chocolate, not only are they delivered in healthy fats but chocolate itself is a food that triggers your body’s natural digestive process to maximize absorption of nutrients.

More Effective

Real Food vitamins like DECOTM make absorption of vitamins and supplements more effective.

  • Absorption: Triggers digestive system to absorb active nutrients more effectively when delivered in healthy fats.
  • Synergistic: Active nutrients are combined with clinically proven nutrients in chocolate (flavanoids, etc.) to provide optimal effect.
  • Stability: Chocolate provides protection for active nutrients by reducing oxidation and moisture leading to more consistent dosing. What you feel today is what you feel tomorrow.

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Our Cocoa

At Platinum Naturals, we take pride in sourcing our ingredients based on quality, sustainability and fair trade practices. We have made it our mission to help preserve the finest, most flavourful cocoa plants in the world by supporting traditional, sustainable farming methods and fair trade through the Sustainable Cocoa Initiative.

Life By Chocolate

At Platinum Naturals, we want everyone to benefit from daily multivitamin and mineral support. DECOTM combines premium Italian chocolate with our innovative approach to supplements. There are chalky tablets or large capsules to swallow.