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Good opening lines are hard to come up with and the longer one waits the more difficult the task becomes. I’ve had a twitter account for months and even without tweeting, I managed to acquire followers. What would I say to them? I had also decided to blog about women’s health issues and our shared life experiences, but I held back. I was waiting. What was I waiting for exactly? I wasn’t sure, but somehow the timing didn’t feel right. So I did nothing, resisting the urge to jump in and get at it. Beginnings are difficult and sage advice is to take three times as long to get involved because hurry seldom works and bad starts need to be corrected. So there I sat, getting followers and not tweeting, thinking about blogging and not writing, wondering if I ever would take the next leap.

Talking and writing are what I do and before anyone paid me for it, I talked a lot. Apparently, for some folks it was too often and too much. I was thrown out of two high schools for talking. No one ever mentioned this could be a career move. The only career choices the guidance counselor offered were teacher, nurse and secretary or airline stewardess. Such were the choices for women born in my time 1945 and for many years after. I thought flight attendant sounded the best way to go but the kind hand of fate decided I’d end up flying a pink helicopter and talking on the radio instead. That pink helicopter opened many doors including television where apparently talking can lead to your own talk show and a long career.

However, when would I dive into tweeting and blogging? I was beginning to think never until a chance meeting with a businessman and a discussion on the natural health movement. As it turned out, we shared a passion. He kindly sent me some of his company’s products to try. There were Platinum Naturals’ Super EasyMulti 45+ and easyiron. When they arrived my son happened to drop by for a visit and remarked, ” You know, Platinum Naturals are the best vitamins on the market.” I was surprised. ” How do you know that Nick?” He smiled. “I’ve been taking them for three years.” I started taking two a day and five days later I phoned David Khang, owner of Platinum Naturals to thank him. I also asked him, “What’s in these things? I feel like I just stuck my finger in a light socket! I have so much energy.” I’ve been addicted to Platinum Naturals ever since.

Over time, one thing led to another and now here I am plunging into tweeting and blogging on this new beginning as a Brand Ambassador for Platinum Naturals – the best vitamins on the market. I hope you will join me on this journey as I begin the next chapter of my life!