The Importance of Certifications and Your Supplements

The world of supplements is vast: there is a vitamin, mineral, herb, or plant that addresses just about any wellness concern you might have—or, at least, there's one that claims to. There are also countless companies that provide supplements. How can you be sure your product is safe and that it contains the ingredients it claims to contain? It's important to look for supplements that are certified by trustworthy third parties. There are different organizations that offer certifications related to their areas of expertise. Some offer overall approval in terms of labeling and ingredients, while others specifically address the validity of a supplement’s claims. Here's what to look for: 

Informed Sport Certified

Informed Sport was established by LGC with the support of sports governing bodies and key players in the supplements sector. It has since grown to be the global gold standard in sports nutrition quality control and enables supplement manufacturers to offer athletes and consumers the highest levels of confidence and support. Our activ-X men's supplement and activ-X women's formulations are both Informed Sport certified and tested for banned substances. 

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

SOGC was designed to assist consumers in making an informed decision when selecting products when you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive. Before approval, products are carefully evaluated by medical professionals to determine their safety and usefulness. SOGC-approved products have: "Demonstrated reasonable evidence of safety and efficacy, and pose no undue harm; "Substantiated packaging claims and a perceived low risk." Their website lists all approved products; this list includes EasyIron and Prenatal Easymulti.

Vision Institute of Canada

We partnered with The Vision Institute to develop a product to support healthy eyes.

With their professional insights, we developed Total Vision Care. This powerful supplement is designed to:

  • Help reduce the risk of developing cataracts
  • Support night vision
  • Protect eyes from digital eye strain
  • Support dry eyes
  • Superior nutrient absorption

This formula is backed by The Vision Institute's expertise. In fact, Total Vision Care is "the ONLY vision care supplement to be recognized by the Vision Institute of Canada."

Mislabeled or low-quality supplements are ineffective at best—and harmful at worst. Do your research before you purchase any supplements to make sure they're safe and effective, and that they contain the ingredients you're looking for. Certifications like these can help you make informed choices.