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With his family in the health food retail business, and inspired by his studies as a Holistic Nutritionist, David Khang founded Platinum Naturals in 1996. David set out to develop supplements offering two promises: to be as close to nature as possible, and to be as effective as possible. People started to “feel the difference,” and word of mouth launched Platinum Naturals.

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While David was pursuing his studies in Holistic Nutrition, omega oils weren’t talked about like they are today. As he was learning about the many health benefits of omega oils he realized they had another important feature; their capacity to improve the absorption of nutrients. That’s when Omega Suspension Technology™ (OST®) was born. We all want to be healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. Using our Omega Suspension Technology (OST) you’re able to feel the improved absorption of the nutrients from our products. For example, whether you’re looking to increase your energy, improve bone density, find relief from a cold, OST makes sure you’re getting whatever it is you need out of your supplement. After all, you are what you absorb.


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