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Back-to-School Tips: Healthy Habits for the Young Student

A strong start sets the tone for a good school year. By implementing some of these strategies you can maintain semblance of structure in the back-to-school frenzy.

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70% of adults experience symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. Are you one of them?

Dry Eyes, Blurred Vision and Eye Strain are all symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.


The Importance of Certifications and Your Supplements

How can you be sure your product is safe and that it contains the ingredients it claims to contain?

Get fit or go home!

Weekend Warriors vs. Professionals: Supplement Needs for All Kinds of Athletes

Whether your workouts are your passion or your profession; take the right supplement for professional athletes and weekend warriors for success. 


6 Tactical Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

We all know early-morning classes suck, but have hope, dear reader, for they certainly don’t have to! Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, a savvy post-snooze routine can prove the difference between a cheery “good morning!” and a groggy mornin’ grunt.


The Irony About Iron Supplements

A lack of iron or iron deficiency can lead to a long list of troubling conditions, from fatigue to hair loss to insomnia and even to anemia. The stress of this can compound itself if we do not proactively address the situation.


The Importance of Iron

Iron is an essential nutrient for energy and vitality. A deficiency can leave you feeling weak and tired. People who are at risk of iron deficiency include women who are pregnant, very active, or who have heavy periods, vegetarians, vegans, seniors and those with chronic inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and chronic bleeding.


Protect your eyes from harmful blue light

After a long, dark winter, many of us can’t wait for the long, light filled days with blue skies and lots of sunshine. But did you know that the very thing that causes the sky to appear blue…


Physically Fit Women Nearly 90% Less Likely To Develop Dementia

There is an observed link between physical activity and the protection of cognitive function as we age, but few high quality, long-term, randomized or prospective studies exist. The objective of this study was to determine whether greater cardiovascular fitness in midlife is associated with a decreased risk of dementia in women followed for 44 years.


How Stress Affects Your Body And What You Can Do About It

The strategies here can help you remain calm, improve your physical health, and put you in a better position to handle day-to-day stress.