Menopause Support

Great Taste

Manage Menopause Symptoms

Support Cardiovascular Health

  • Helps manage the discomfort commonly associated with perimenopause or menopause.
  • A supplement delivered in chocolate, so you absorb the nutrients like food!
  • Kick-starts your body’s natural digestive process so you absorb more nutrients.
  • Chocolate is shown to support cardiovascular and mental health and even aid weight loss.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs help regulate female hormone functions.
  • Great taste! You’ll look forward to taking your Menomelt every day.

MENOMELT™ Dark Chocolate Menopause Support

After menopause, the risk of cardiovascular illness increases as your estrogen production declines. Menomelt Menopause Support is a natural, botanical supplement that you eat, and absorb as a real food, to help you manage the discomfort commonly associated with perimenopause or menopause.

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Info At A Glance

May Help With

  • Hot flashes
  • Menopause & Perimenopause

A Real Food with Benefits

Not only does Menomelt help you absorb nutrients better, but it comes with its own health benefits.

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Available In 30

Key Ingredients


Has been clinically shown to improve cardiovascular function, and improve cholesterol levels.


Used in anti-hypertensive formulations and hormone balancing

Mung Bean

Contains natural, plant-based estrogens which are useful in raising declining estrogen levels.

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