Weekend Warriors vs. Professionals: Supplement Needs for All Kinds of Athletes

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There are all kinds of athletes. Whether you’re a professional who trains for several hours every day, carefully fueling your body for optimal athletic performance, or a weekend warrior who goes hard at the gym when you find the time, you need the proper nutrition and supplements to support your body in managing the stress you place on it.

Stress and the Body

The physical stress of exercise is essential for changes in muscle mass and improvements in performance. This is the type of stress we intentionally give our bodies so they can grow back stronger. Professionals and weekend warriors experience physical stress at different levels and can include strain from repetitive pressure, acute injury, and changes to our diets that don’t always contribute to improvements, for example.

Mental stress often comes from the demands of work and relationships. It can arise from trying to juggle too many activities or worrying about a family member, finances, or how you will advance in your career. Athletes experience the additional mental pressure of achieving performance targets and competitive pressures.

Some stress, both physical and mental, is good. It’s what makes our bodies adapt, so we can lose weight or build muscle, and it might help us meet deadlines or perform certain tasks. Too much, however, is detrimental.

Chronic stress can cause weight gain, promote substance abuse, weaken your immune system, and contribute to serious diseases.

Mental stress is managed in a variety of ways; different methods work for different people. Some of us need quiet time alone to read or journal; others use meditation or yoga to help them relax. Some people get involved in activities like volunteering or, yes, exercising. You can work to decrease your mental stress by planning your days, delegating activities you can’t complete, and talking to a friend or a therapist when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Physical stress needs to be managed somewhat differently—we can’t volunteer or meditate our muscle soreness away. As our bodies get worn down, we are more prone to illness or injury. This is of special concern to the professional athlete who depends upon his or her body to make a living, but it’s also frustrating for a weekend warrior who has to miss a workout because he or she isn’t feeling well.

Managing Stress with Nutrition

Exercise helps your body stay healthy, and proper hydration and nutrition help manage the physical stress of exercise.

A healthy diet is essential for overall health as well as stress management. When we’re hungry or not getting the proper nutrients, it can increase our feelings of stress and physical stress responses in the body (fatigue, headache, etc.).

The right supplements can support the body and help manage that stress, as well. Choosing a Certified for Sport® supplement like activ-X for me or women ensures the ingredients in the supplement are exactly as described on the label, and you’re not ingesting any of the more than 270 substances banned by major athletic organizations—an issue of key importance for a professional athlete.

When you choose activ-X, you’re also taking advantage of Superior Nutrient Absorption, our unique delivery system designed to ensure your body is actually absorbing everything the supplement has to offer to aid in muscle recovery, improve stamina, and increase energy. The activ-X formula also includes Rhodiola, Cordyceps and Curcumin, which helps both body and mind recover from the stresses of exercise and daily life.

Whether your workouts are your passion or your profession, activ-X gives your body what it needs to perform and recover, making it an ideal supplement choice for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.