The Irony About Iron Supplements

A lack of iron or iron deficiency can lead to a long list of troubling conditions, from fatigue to hair loss to insomnia and even to anemia. The stress of this can compound itself if we do not proactively address the situation. Perhaps a doctor has suggested you take a supplement. This leads to the question of what supplement should I try?

There are many on the market. Your local pharmacy or health store offers a wide variety. The irony about iron supplements is that they do not always agree with our bodies. They are known to cause constipation and general irritability. This comes from how our body absorbs the supplement.

Platinum Naturals has developed Omega Suspension Technology™. This produces a liquid iron supplement in capsule form. Some competing products come as a liquid and may stain your teeth. Platinum Naturals selects the highest quality ingredients and suspends them in oil to ensure each and every nutrient is preserved and delivered to where it's needed most.

Natural oils play a vital role in helping your body absorb essential nutrients. When placed in natural oils, active ingredients are absorbed far more readily by cell membranes. This superior level of absorption, potency and sustained release means you'll feel the difference much faster.

An iron deficiency is troubling enough, the supplement you choose should help solve, not add to the problem.