Corporate Sponsors of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM)

As part of our commitment to the Natural Health Product Industry and in supporting future opinion leaders of the natural health space; we are proud to announce our official sponsorship of CCNM.


The contribution to the College will be directed to the Integrative Cancer Center (ICC) to help subsidize the cost of patient care.

CCNM is the largest naturopathic medical education provider and leading research institution in North America. They have two locations, Toronto, ON and New Westminster, BC.

CCNM has 13 Community Health-Care clinics across Canada in addition to onsite teaching clinics, providing more than 36,000 patient visits per year.

We will have the opportunity to share information about all the great things Platinum Naturals products have to offer with CCNM students, not only supporting the well-being of the student body but that of patients as well.