Healthy Heart and Healthy Pregnancy

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered that you’re pregnant! It’s time to shop for nursery furniture, establish a college fund, and start taking care of yourself so that you’re ready for a healthy pregnancy.

An important part of that is taking care of your heart. By the end of the first trimester, there will be a 50% increase in the amount of work your heart has to do: a level that has to be sustained for six months. To keep your cardiovascular system in prime shape during this special time in your life, make the following changes to your diet:

  • Eat more foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and olive oil. Especially important are omega-3s that are high in DHA, which is crucial for fetal brain and eye development. Fish like salmon and sardines are high in DHA and also high in Vitamin D3, which makes it easier to absorb the phosphorus and calcium needed for fetal bone development.
  • Add more iron-rich foods to your daily menu. Pregnancy causes your blood volume to increase by nearly 50%, so you will require more iron for hemoglobin production.
  • Avoid salt, as it can increase blood pressure
  • Reduce intake of caffeine, which can cause an irregular heartbeat

Exercise is also important during pregnancy for both weight management and heart health. Unless there are medical reasons to avoid doing so, you can enjoy moderate aerobic physical activity during the pregnancy and after your baby is born. That said, every pregnancy is different so speak with your healthcare provider to decide the right plan for you and your baby.

To supplement a healthy diet and sustain your energy levels, take a daily multivitamin such as Prenatal Easymulti from Platinum Naturals. Not only does it replenish depleted vitamins and minerals during this demanding time on your body, it also reinforces your immune system, improves energy levels, and supplies your baby with the nutrients he or she needs to develop. Active ingredients include:

  • DHA
  • Vitamin D3
  • Iron bisglycinate, an easily absorbed form of iron
  • Folic acid and vitamin B12, which reduce the risk of spina bifida, anencephaly, and other neural tube defects up to 75%.

For added efficacy, all active ingredients in Prenatal Easymulti are suspended in healthy oils with the award winning Superior Nutrient Absorption system. This innovation keeps nutrients potent and enables your body to absorb them more easily.

All of these steps can become an important part of your physical and cardiovascular health after the baby is born. All of these steps can become an important part of your physical and cardiovascular health after the baby is born, setting the stage for a life of heart-healthy habits.