Skip the Coffee: 10 Alternative Ways to Boost Energy

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t survive on coffee alone to boost your energy. It seems that more people are actually opting to ditch the java in favour of nutritional drinks, vitamins, and midday snacks. Below are just a few of the ways you can boost energy levels without having to purchase another cup of joe.

1. Eat a Filling Breakfast

Breakfast is constantly touted as one of the most important meals of the day, yet many individuals still choose to skip it due to early morning time constraints. Although it takes a bit of time and effort, eating breakfast is definitely worth it if it means you aren’t snacking on junk food to gain energy by the time 11:00 am rolls around.

2. Take Your Daily Vitamins

Here’s another reason not to skip your daily multivitamin: certain nutrients, such as B12, work to transform food to glucose, the sugar that your body relies on to produce energy. A person who is low in vitamins such as B12 and iron, can be at risk of anemia, a blood disorder that can make you feel extremely tired and unwell.

3. Drink a Matcha Latte

Matcha is a potent green tea powder that is rich in fiber and metabolism boosting antioxidants like EGCG. Furthermore, a cup of matcha is said to have the same amount of caffeine as approximately half a cup of coffee; it provides a decent energy boost while also packing a few health benefits. Recipe here.

4. Turn up the Music

You play music while you work out, so why not play it while you’re working? Music has been shown to boost adrenaline, the hormone that increases blood circulation. So, next time you need an office pick-me-up, try listening to a playlist, preferably one that’s upbeat and motivational.

5. Go on an Afternoon Walk

When you’re experiencing a midday slump, sometimes the most energizing thing to do is go for a walk. Fresh air and exercise can invigorate the senses and get your blood pumping, something the body needs if it sits at a desk all day. Try walking during a lunch break and stay motivated by bringing along a friend or coworker.

6. Sleep with White Noise

Getting a terrible sleep can ruin your entire day, yet poor sleep may become the norm when you live with roommates or family members. Thankfully, a white noise machine can make all the difference in noisy situations. These machines are generally programmed with a variety of soothing settings, so you can easily fall asleep and drown out annoying sounds.

7. Snack on Vegetables

Although it’s easy to rely on a sweet sugar fix to increase energy, this kind of dietary behavior has been shown to have negative effects on the body—especially the heart. Instead of dipping into a box of donuts, reach for something that will naturally pick you up, like a fruit or vegetable.

8. Get Enough Electrolytes

Electrolytes such as magnesium and calcium are naturally found in the human body; however, individuals who are physically active or ill may be more likely to encounter an imbalance in these minerals, causing potential disorders. Symptoms of electrolyte imbalance include tiredness, so consider making a DIY sports drink or taking a supplement to keep your body’s electrolytes-and overall energy levels-in check.

9. Meditate for 10 Minutes

Stress has dire consequences on the body. As Suzanna C. Segerstrom asserts in her essay on Stress, Energy, and Immunity, it puts strain on the body and depletes overall energy levels, thereby affecting immune function. To ease stress and boost energy, try setting aside time to meditate and find peace of mind.

10. Avoid Alcohol

If you’re looking to keep your energy levels stable, you’ll want to forgo alcohol, as it can easily tire the body. What should you drink instead? Harvard Health suggests that individuals boost energy by replacing alcohol with a simple cup of water.

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