6 Tactical Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

We all know early-morning classes suck, but have hope, dear reader, for they certainly don’t have to! Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, a savvy post-snooze routine can prove the difference between a cheery “good morning!” and a groggy morning grunt. Here are six tips to make you a better morning person:

1) Align the body and mind as you roll out of bed

When you first open your eyes and groan as your phone alarm blares just a touch too loud, make sure to take a nice, deep breath. A simple breathing exercise, coupled with short meditation, can be just what need to get the day started right. Roll out of bed and take five minutes for some stretches (a yoga pose or two will do), then jot down five things for which you’re grateful. This simple routine will get your mind and body on the same page before you run off to that 8:00 a.m. lecture.

2) Breakup with your sugar habit

Look, nobody’s saying that a big bowl of sugary, marshmallow-laden cereal isn’t the tastiest breakfast option, but most nutritionists agree that a sharp intake of sugar right off the bat isn’t the best way to kick-start your day. Sugar is an easily digestible carbohydrate, so while a sugary breakfast item may hit the sweet tooth, you’ll find that the pangs of hunger come around again too quickly as a result.

3) When life gives you lemons

Make some lemon water! Starting your morning off with a glass of warm water and a wedge of lemon is tremendously beneficial, both for weight loss and for good health. It’s a rich source of Vitamin C and helps maintaining a healthy pH balance. It’s also tasty! Make sure to pair with a wholesome breakfast.

4) Set a consistent night-time routine and stick to it

Stick to a consistent bedtime routine, and you’ll find that the groggy, fatigued wake ups start to fade away. A few tips? Stow your phone and tablet away about an hour before bed, and read a chapter or two of a book instead. Use a warmer light for your dorm room, instead of a harsher daytime light bulb. And, before you hit the hay, give yourself a few minutes to review the day and all of its offerings. Self-reflection is a wonderful way to start each new day with a fresh slate.

5) Use a positive affirmation

Before you scramble out the door, coffee mug in one hand, far too many bags and keys and gadgets in the other, take a minute to focus by repeating a positive affirmation. Use “I will” and “I can” statements, and speak definitively. Be your own best friend, and believe that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to even if that one calculus assignment seems pretty impossible.

6) Feeling tired and sluggish can be a sign of iron deficiency.

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